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Name & Myth

Apart from its long history, Zakynthos, like many Greek cities and towns, is associated with mythology.
In ancient Greek mythology, literature and folklore there are references to the island of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos name & myth

According to the poet Homer, the name of Zakynthos was derived from the first inhabitant of Zante Island - who was named Zakynthos. He was the son of King Dardanus, the founder of Dardania, which is now known as Troy.

According to myth, Dardanus was the son of Zeus and Electra. Zakynthos settled on the island around 1500BC and according to one version of the myth, he was the one to escort the demi-god Hercules to Spain. During their return Zakynthos died and was buried on the island.

According to other historical sources, the name of Zakynthos is derived from the words Za and Cynthos, which means hill. This corresponds to the mountainous landscape of Zakynthos.

There are also references to the Odyssey, (Book 9, line 24), Homer called Zakynthos ''yliessa'', which means rich woodland, while in the Iliad (Book II, line 634), it is referred to as one of the islands that took part in the campaign against Troy under the leadership of Odysseus.



Deep Blue Villa

The Legend of the Priest’s Cave

The Blue Caves Villas are associated with a folklore story, a legend which refers to the “Cave of the Priest”, located under the Deep Blue Villa.

It is said that in ancient times the cave was home to a monk who lived there and allegedly fed only on water, bread and salt once a day. The monk's spirituality and ascetic life granted him the gift of healing the suffering and ill. Through prayer and natural remedies he was able to ease their pain or even cure them.

This legend is reminiscent of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus Monachus. This species of mammal use natural hollows, like the Priest's Cave, to find shelter and rest or to give birth.

Priest Cave -  Blue Caves Luxury Villas Priest Cave -  Blue Caves Luxury Villas Priest Cave -  Blue Caves Luxury Villas Priest Cave -  Blue Caves Luxury Villas

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