Activities - Traditional & Luxury Villas with private pool in Zakynthos island


Experience a Zakynthian Tradition at Blue Caves Villas.
Every month guests can taste seasonal fruits & vegetables and participate in traditional agricultural activities.

Diary of seasonal Events

Early summer April - May – June are ideal months for salads or pies.

Herbs like rosemary, oregano, lavender, and mountain tea are in season at this time of year.

They make excellent ingredients for cooking, and are used in cold and warm drinks for medicinal purposes.

Diary of seasonal Events

At the end of June and during July guests are able to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables that are collected from our gardens: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, and zucchini. At the end of July both the sweetest grapes and black and white figs are available. These can be picked and made into marmalades or dried.

The most important activity commences at the end of August - September. During these months we produce our own wine from grapes collected at Blue Caves Villas vineyard. You can experience traditional wine production by participating in the famed grape pressing.

All year you can enjoy fishing, from a boat or ashore. The fishing season commences in mid-September when local waters offer an abundance of fish. We can arrange boat rental for fully-equipped fishing excursions.

Towards the end of September almonds are ready to harvest and can be added to or made into healthy and tasty sweet and savory dishes.

Summer Activities - Blue Caves Luxury Villas Summer Activities - Blue Caves Luxury Villas Summer Activities - Blue Caves Luxury Villas Summer Activities - Blue Caves Luxury Villas

Diary of seasonal Events

In autumn October - November one of the loveliest seasons, you have the chance to participate in one of the most distinct Mediterranean practices, the olive harvest.

Fortunately at this time of the year, we are usually blessed with beautiful weather. Our table olives are all handpicked, washed with water and stored in salt-water which helps the olive’s natural sugars convert to lactic acid, transforming the olive into a delicious delicacy. 

If you visit us during the last week of October you will find the secret required to produce the finest quality olive oil.